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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The BLAU Costa Verde Robyn & Paul's Review

The good the bad the ugly:

  • Uh you are in Cuba and not in the snow
  • Staff is very friendly and kind and patient
  • Clean
  • The grounds are well kept
  • Bars bars and more bars
  • The Italian restaurant is the absolute best, use one of your restaurant a la cartes to go there. We also ate lunch there everyday! Chef's pasta of the day, Pizza bolognese or chicken or vegetarian and also the calzone yummy in the tummy
  • Snorkelling!!! But bring your own mask and snorkel
  • The lemonade, orange, strawberry slush
  • Green eyed "adult" beverage
  • Walking on the beach
  • At the buffet there is always something you will like, just might need to look for it
  • Beach, soft sand, lots of sea shells and plenty of shade/sun depending on which you desire.

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  • Must pay for Wifi and the government can control it meaning when you can access it.  We lost it for a day and a half.
  • Two tier resort...they have an upgrade scheme. If you pay you get a newer room, access to other a la carte restaurants, another pool
  • Entertainment could be upgraded. More variation
  • Water temp changes frequently in the shower, from your chosen temp to extreme hot
  • Snorkel entry is rocky but if you take a few steps down the beach it is gorgeous sand
  • Signage not super clear
  • In room fridge water is replaced but not the two pops or beers (but in the upgrade rms they would be replaced)
  • No wash cloth in the bathroom
  • Beach is a little tight.

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