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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tim W do you remember Grade 4?

So if you were to ask me my best year of elementary school I would choose Grade 4 at Georges Vanier in Kanata.

I, along with my best friend at the time, were the teacher's pet.  We got to stay in at recess and hangout in the classroom.

Our teacher was Mr Guerin, Steve Guerin.

My parents even had him over for dinner. My Mom made grasshopper pie.  It was a big deal.

What I remember about him was that he'd also been a nurse and a private detective.  He owned guns.  He might have  lived at home with his Mom and brother?  In my eyes he was a cool relaxed teacher that gave us freedom but still got what needed to be taught. Every gym class he'd play Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band

Many years later this happened :
Member: Stephen Robert Guerin
Registration Number: 162134
Decision: Resignation and Cancellation

A panel of the Discipline Committee held a public hearing on October 20, 2003 into allegations of professional misconduct and incompetence against Stephen Robert Guerin, also known as Stephen Christopher Hart.
Guerin, 48, was certified to teach in 1979 and was employed by the Peterborough-Victoria-Northumberland and Newcastle Roman Catholic District School Board. Guerin chose not to attend the hearing nor to be represented by counsel.
Guerin faced 10 allegations of professional misconduct related to his criminal conviction on charges of weapons offences, possession of child pornography and the use of forged documents.
The panel heard evidence that Guerin used fraudulent qualifications in his application for a teacher's certificate, which was granted to him in the name of Stephen Christopher Hart, and that he also used forged documents in applying for employment as a teacher.
Guerin pleaded guilty in criminal court to charges of possession of child pornography, relating to possession of approximately 4,000 photographic images stored on his computer and sexually explicit movies involving children.
In March 2003 he pleaded guilty to criminal charges of using forged documents, carrying a concealed weapon, storing firearms in a careless manner and failing to report the loss of firearms. Guerin was sentenced to five months in jail, in addition to the eight-and-a-half months he had already been incarcerated, and three years probation.
The panel received an agreed statement of facts in which Guerin admitted to the allegations and pleaded guilty to professional misconduct. He agreed to surrender his Certificates of Qualification and Registration immediately. Guerin also agreed to never teach again in any public or private school in Ontario or elsewhere and to never seek reinstatement in the College.
The decision of the panel appears on the College's public register.

I still hold on to my memories but definitely tainted.


Cynthia Redmond said...

Wow, I remember the same thing! But his name was Stephen Hart, grade 6 at Our Lady of Wisdom in Orleans! Mr. Hart was my favorite teacher. Me and my best friend stayed in at recess to wash the board and clean his desk. I was the most creative, and learned the most than i ever did. He made grade 6 my best year of school.

Robyn Smith said...

What year was that?

Cynthia Redmond said...

It was 1984/85 I believe.