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Monday, August 18, 2014

Sleepless in Barrhaven:(

It is 12:22am on Monday morning.  I can not sleep.  I was in bed, as I am most nights, right after I put the kids to bed.  Tonight it was approximately 9:30pm.  My habit for many months now is to watch a show/movie on Netflix and fall asleep midway through.  Mind you I never sleep through the night, so I will repeat this a couple of times during the night: wake up to pee then watch Netflix then eventually fall asleep.

It is not working tonight.  I have even gone back to my old habit when I couldn't sleep: reading.  I am reading Inferno by Dan Brown.  That is not working either.

This could be the problem? I drank more tea today then I usually do.  The usual is about four cups in a day.  Today I think I drank six.  Get the photo: I heart tea:) FYI that is a few days worth of tea bags.
At this point, I have taken some meds leftover from my surgery. Two Tylenol 3s.  In the past I have taken melatonin, which is great to help me initially fall asleep but does not help me stay asleep.  I have also taken larazopan (sp).  It is a perscription and can become addictive.  The last time I used it I saw how it could become stops being as affective so you need to use more of it to gain the results (sleep).  I exercise to sleep better too.  And prior to this evening, I have been having wonderful sleeps.  Tonight it isn't even that my mind won't turn off...on those nights I do what I can at the moment, organize and prepare or write out whatever else is cycling in my brain.

Right now I can feel the Tylenol starting to kick in, so sleep will be coming...
Just frustrating when it takes this long.

Sidenote:  My Netflix choice tonight was Craigslist Joe.  It was a great film.  Maybe too captivating didn't lend itself to my sleep.  It maybe an entire blog to itself...

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