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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another SHOUT OUT!

This shout out goes to Speedy Auto Glass on Eagleson Rd.  Kanata , in particular Mark.

After my triathlon, my bike was hooked on the back and I am not sure what happened but my entire back window of my car shattered!

I mean into a million pieces!

We were leaving for our vacation Monday.  It was Saturday. Auto glass shops are NOT open Sunday...

Luckily with Google's help I was able to call a 1-800# that enabled me to make an appointment for when the Kanata location opened Monday morning.  And they managed to preorder the glass.  I told them I would take a clear replacement because I just wanted to get going Monday as quickly as possible.

Monday came and there was miscommunication between the actual location of Speedy Kanata and their call centre, wherever that maybe located.

Originally I was told to arrive at 8:00AM, glass will arrive at 9:30AM and the job should be done by 11:00AM.  Yeah! Then I could get on my way.

When I got there, Mark told me glass does not arrive until 10:30, my car won't be looked at until 11:00AM.  Mark understood the miscommunication with the call centre (been down that road before I assumed).  I told him we were trying to get our trip started.  We had plans to go see the Blue Jays on Canada Day (the next day).

Well a HUGE thank you to Mark.  He had my car done by 11:00AM!!!!

I am not sure how he did it but I am so thankful.  Then a bonus was that he said my after market tint was covered by insurance so I could come back and get that done too!, Mark was so friendly and personable with the kids.  His brother had played in the NHL so he and B bonded over that and about the baseball too.

My rear windshield wiper even got cracked and he taped and glued it as a temporary fix until I got a new one, which he offered to install.

Need your auto glass fixed, go to Speedy Kanata and see Mark!

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