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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ventura Blvd Tattooing

So for a very long time I have wanted my nose pierced and last week I did it! 

Sorry Dad:(

I finally found someone to hold my hand, Natasha. She got hers done too.  As she reminded me this has not been our first time to a tattoo shop together:)  Last time we got tattoos!  I will blog about her one day because she has over 100 tattoos and they all have a story.

Honestly it did not hurt like I had thought (after hearing stories of others who got it done).  Paul, piercer, was awesome!  So kind and he explained everything as I sat there with my eyes shut while sitting on my hands.

The most traumatic moments were afterwards...when I was cleaning away the crust of blood (Ewwww!) from the tiny diamond, that night.  Nearly gagged.  And the next morning when I was cleaning the outside part around the nose ring, with a wash cloth, and the entire ring came out except for the hook part!  I couldn't even look at it in the mirror, I just kept on trying to push it back in...and it wouldn't go took about 4x.

I broke out in a cold sweat and had to go gulp some fresh air.  I wondered what would have happened if I had passed out.  I was home alone.  I think I may have to invest in one of those medical alert necklaces with the button on it!  "Help I have passed out cuz of my nose ring and I can not get up!" (actually that wouldn't work I probably would be unconscious so I would have to hope I fell on the button...)

Will have to re-think that one.  Who wants to be my emergency contact? Jab the nose ring back in my nose! Hahaha! Yummy!;)

Enjoy the pix!


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