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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Best Teacher Gift Ever!

In my class we have Show & Tell.  More specifically we have Alphabet Show & Tell.  We go through the alphabet and each week there is a letter of the week.  The students, on Friday, bring in an object that begins with that letter sound.
We then conclude it with an Alphabet Buffet.  Each student is assigned a letter or two and they must bring in a food item that starts with that letter.  Sometimes they have to be creative (like for letters q,  u, z...).
Well this year, as our end of year teacher gift, Manon and I received an Alphabet Box of gifts!  One of my Moms took the time to organize the box, assigning and collecting the gifts. 

When I was handed the box Thursday morning, I broke down and cried.  I know the time and patience it requires  to put it all together.  Thank you Stephanie!  It meant so much.
Of course we opened it with the children and turned it into a lesson.  They were adorable, so proud coming up to show us what they had contributed.
Manon and I both feel that this year has been one of the best years we have ever had!  The support of the parents and their adorable children made it so easy to come to work and have FUN!  Our classroom family ROCKED!!!  It was a great balance for me considering everything else.
To Manon:  I love you and I could not have gotten through this year without you.
And to the lovely ladies of MM: It was a great ride!  I thank you all immensely for your support, in and out of school:)

PS.  Yes that is my heart...on my sleeve...that is where I like to wear it.  Be careful with it

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Anonymous said...

Great environment! Great kids! Great parents! Great family! Great co-worker and friend! Everything was there for a fantastic year! Thanks each of you and have a wonderful summer! Manon xxx