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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't judge me

Here are some things I do that others may not agree with:

I drive with the window down and the A/C on at the same time.  I just love the tunes blasting and maybe others want to hear but I also want to be cool???!!!

I will put dishes back in the dishwasher that may have come out dirty the first time I washed them...a new position in the dishwasher may make them get clean better

I eat in bed all the time

I like my alone time and need a balance of both

Following a religion is not for me

I have used the dregs of milk in my students' drink container, for my tea.  I always ask first:0) and you do not want  to see Miss Robyn without a cup of tea in her system

I have worn a dress to a party and then returned it later

I did not enjoy breastfeeding

I drive to the park, which is just down the street, in order to throw the ball for my dog


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Anonymous said...

You just go with the flow Rob , we love you just the way you are :-) Jeanette x