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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glamping Part Deux (we were in Quebec:)

More pix from my adventures in Glamping...

Back at the yurt!

Dirty camping fingernails.  Yes I ate with them like that!

Beautiful scenery on the way to Lusk Caves...we never found them that day...

Anyone remember The Blair Witch Project??  Manon and I had a few hrs where we were lost in the deep woods...I was thinking we would have to ration our nuts we brought and we'd be sleeping in the forest that night...I did not tell her that

We found friends while lost

Selfie in the washroom

Drying out our shoes after the "adventure" in the woods.  My shoes later melted...just a bit

Manon emptying the shitter

Thinking of my kids on my first weekend without them:(

Bad girls drive a truck with a huge trailer on the back!

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