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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hidden Gems

So spending time with Paul in Bells Corners has lead to the discovery of some hidden gems.

One of these gems is the Bells Corners Loblaws.  If you visit at the right time you can find some really great deals. It is a smaller store and I am not sure if it has as much traffic but they tend to drop prices, especially in their deli department, frequently to move stock out either because it is close to expiring (a lot of fancy cheeses we freeze) or the product just isn't moving quick enough but they need to make room for different newer items.  Whatever the reason, we are enjoying some exceptional lunches at the cottage.
Right beside the Loblaws (@Moodie and Richmond Rd) there is an Old Zellers.  This Zellers sells off overstock from The huge discounts. Up to 70% off.  It carries everything from furniture to appliances to shoes to kitchenware and tons of clothing. A lot is high end (Ann Taylor, Lacoste) at major discounts. I seriously regret not purchasing a classic navy blue dress by Ann Taylor for $6.97!  I got my sister a gorgeous plaid dress coat for $35. Again it was Ann Taylor and was regularly $170!

If you need something, anything it is worth a try.


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