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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Help Yourself Tuesday

So I once heard someone (I think Oprah)say that you have to be your own advocate.  The subject was your health.  I took it to mean you need to ask for more information and question the information you are given.

Due to events in my past, I feel when I go into new health situations, I always have my guard up.  Even to the point where I jumped down the throat of the mammogram nurse last time I was in for a mammogram.  I questioned the fact that I am always called back for either another mammogram or an ultrasound because I am smallish.  "Doesn't this expose me to more radiation doing it twice, therefore increasing my risks?"  The nurse explained that the newer machines are better at taking pictures and detecting concerns and they don't give off as much radiation and the machines are designed to protect.  I apologized for my tone and that it was based on past worrisome experiences.  She was kind and understood.

That brings me to another fact when advocating for yourself: do your research.  Now with the internet we have access to info...a lot of information.  This can cause more stress but you need to know your facts/information in order to ask good questions to ease your mind.  Whenever I go to my family doctor, Dr. L. Kent (woot woot she is awesome) I always have some internet info.  She is always patient and explains everything and answers all my questions.

There maybe times when you are not able to advocate for yourself so you need to find someone who will question for you and ask for more information. 

I know the doctors know more than me concerning health issues but we all can get in a rut and do the same old procedures so it is your right to question. It can ease your mind because there will be times that you will need a focused mind to heal, recoup or continue battling.

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