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Sunday, June 5, 2016


So there are times in my house when all three of us are together but on our "devices". At times I am disappointed, slightly depressed and somewhat disgusted that this is happening in my house! 

I am gonna say this and I feel old saying it but when I was younger, we played outside, building forts, catching salamanders and riding our bikes...
I also played games on our Commador 64, Nintendo original and watched TV.
I thought about it today, because of my worry over too much screen time, I am uber aware of doing things together...playing games, bike rides or even watching a movie together. But is our screen time today any different then when I was younger?

Way back then we didn't always watch TV together (we had two TVS), my Mom didn't play Nintendo with us and we were outside having adventures, Mom and Dad were doing their house things.

So is it a lack of time together or is it a lack of physical activity or is it a concern over what we are accessing or playing on these devices? Mindless, pointless games (or do they all have some benefit) and useless information about people who shouldn't this the downfall of technology today? 

Oh or is it that many "relationships" are cyber?

I think the biggest difference today is that our screens are portable. You can have access to your screens anywhere you go. You could possibly never get a break from your screens, except when you sleep.

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