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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Worth the trip...

What is worth the trip?

Fresh Co. in Bells Corners!

Since dating Mr. Paul Grant I have been introduced to many new things.  One of them is going grocery shopping at Fresh Co.

Here is our top 10 reasons to shop there:

1. The store is cleaner than that other discount grocery store, especially the produce section.
2.  They price match.  They even do it for you, if they find somewhere else that has a lower price on something they will automatically reduce it in their store. Plus you can price match other items if you find them
3.  They sell gardening supplies from hanging baskets to mulch at lower prices
4.  They have $5 cakes that are perfect for dessert...Rolo Cake come on! Yum!
5.  They have a large ethnic section.
6.  They also have a health/organic section.
7.  Overall a good variety of items to select from, even some unique ones like coconut whipped cream!!
8.  Beyond their flyer, they have unique in store specials too
9.  Flyer starts Thursday and they keep deals in stock for the majority of the week unlike that other discount grocery store
10. Staff is very friendly. Paul has a "Norm from Cheers" relationship with them (he goes daily or more).
11.  It is located in a mall where there is a Dollarama so even more savings (Upcoming blog Top 10 things to buy at the dollar store).

We even know of someone that lives in Gatineau but will travel to the BC Fresh Co because the deals are that good!!

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