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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Can you see me now?

So I continue to work on my boudoir.  I have the walls painted yet no wallpaper up yet:(. It is chosen, with a little help from my ladies, but haven't purchased it...waiting for a sale!

As I was prepping my room to be painted I took down all the curtains and have been living with no window coverings all summer. One, this means a lot of light gets in. This I don't mind at all. Two, it gets getting dressed or undressed interesting, as I have houses right behind me. At night or at 6:00AM, with the light on in my room who knows what the neighbours have seen!  Usually I dress in the dark:)

This past weekend I did something about it.  I still want the light and openness with no window coverings but I don't like being on display if I forget to turn out the lights so I Modge Podged my windows.
We painted on the Modge Podged...

Then we used Saran Wrap to create an effect.  Just laid it on top of the Modge Podge anyway (the more wrinkles the better), peeled it of and then let the Podge dry.

This is the final effect:

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