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Friday, March 28, 2014

Costco size but mini household...

So there are certain items I like to buy from Costco, bread, tortillas, milk, frozen berries, Greek yogurt, wild rice, etc but then there are items I buy and because we are a mini household ( I only have the kids 50% of the time) I have bought items that go bad. 

The big container of fresh spinach and the large jar of crushed garlic in oil.

For both of these I have to freeze at least half.

The garlic we placed in ice cube trays, froze it and then stored them in a tubberware container in the freezer.  I just take out what I need for cooking.

As for the spinach, again I freeze it in a Tubberware container or a Ziploc bag.  The leaves stay individually.  I use them in spaghetti sauce or in a smoothies.

Just thought I would share:)

PS if you do freeze the garlic use cheap dollar store ice cube trays because once they are used for the garlic you will never get the garlic smell out of them:( 
You could use them again for freezing homemade pesto hmmm.... another blog?

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