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Sunday, March 23, 2014


So I have a confession to make:

I quit ballet.

Yup for the second time in my life I have quit ballet.  No I did not get in trouble for not having my hair up nor was it when the teacher asked me if it was my first time to class.  It was my third class (I did have a two week break but as I said before I was really bad).

It was when she asked who would like to do a recital.  And 2 out of the 5 students said YES!  

HUH?  I am a forty year old woman I do not need to get up on stage and perform a routine for family and friends!  We would wear matching outfits and perform in the year end recital.  Oh we didn't even get to what the outfits would be or whether we would be posing for a group and individual photos, which seem to be part of the dance world's customs.

I signed up to get a different workout experience, to really challenge myself and to cross it off my Bucklist.  The instructor said the class was going to go from a workout to practicing a routine ( and not even a ballet routine but a more contemporary one)!

I left that night never to return.
My ballet slippers are shelved but will be worn  to dance again! Whether it is in my room to the music in my head or throughout the house while the radio plays.

This dancing requires no recital:)

Point pliƩ leap
I am outta here.
Curtesy :)

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