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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tennis Elbow? Just Chuck It!

Ok so I am not quite 40 yet (in my mind I will always be 25) but something has happened that makes me think "Oh no I am getting older, physically."  I have tennis elbow!  I do not even play tennis, never want to but yet I have this pain in my right arm/elbow region.   I know what it is from and I am renaming it Chuck It Elbow.  Yes I got the pain from throwing a ball for my dog with this plastic devise called a Chuck It.  It launches tennis balls way further than I could ever throw it and you can pick up the ball with the Chuck It without even touching the gross dirt encrusted ball.  I "chuck" everyday with the dog and every morning during our session I start to feel the pain.  I know I have to get this plastic brace and it will make the pain go away (I have borrowed a friend's and it helped) but I have yet to purchase my own.  Just wanted to share.  Oh and maybe using a mouse at the computer might aggravate it a bit...that won't stop me from blogging though:)

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