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Thursday, October 17, 2013


So I decided to try and save some $$ on my phone bill by switching to Nettalk (  My Dad has been using it here in Canada and when he is in Florida.  Recently, after my sister Aimee moved, she switched.

It isn't perfect.  Sometimes the person sounds like they are in a tunnel or under water, 1-800# sometimes don't work when dialling out, or sometimes incoming calls don't get through... But I use my cell most often.  I wouldn't have a home phone if the kids didn't need it.

It cost about $60 and you can purchase it at Staples.  Aimee used the phone # they gave her.  Brand new house=brand new phone #, made sense.  I did not want a new number.  I chose to pay an extra $30(non refundable) to have my original number ported.  They tell you it can take up to 30 days.  I was told by Rogers that my phone would be canceled once it had been ported by Nettalk.  It took 30 days 

Here's the thing with Nettalk: you can not get a human to actually speak to ( this is my first problem with them).  There is a 1-8?? # online that gets you to a message that gives you either an American phone# or a Canadian #.  I called the number and it tells me to go online and submit a ticket explaining my problem.  I did this at least 5 times!!

The reason I did was because: my number was ported yet when I hooked up the Nettalk anyone calling got dead air.  Then it progressed to me not being able to call out and no one could call in!  Yet then call forwarding to my cell worked, after clicking this option via their website.  My children had no phone to call out on while waiting for me to get home! 
I repeatedly filled out a "ticket" and never got an actual response except one phone call/message( to my cell) stating they would call back in 20 minutes...they never did.  

Some of my messages were definitely verging on crazy lady...but I wanted to get there attention and I wanted them to know how frustrated I was!  
They have lots of help videos online so I accused them of being too busy filming dump videos, that they couldn't email or call me to help.  Come on, one of the videos basically told you what buttons to press in order to check voicemail.  Really a video of a guy that says  "press this number and that number to access voicemail"
Ok I might of said that in my field, working with children, if I gave the service that they were giving me, it would equal injured or dead children! 

So I decided to unplug everything then plugged it all back in...

Guess what?  It is now working?!?!?
Ahhhhhhh was the frustration worth it?  I will probably save up to $400 this year...

PS this past weekend Noelle hooked it up, using their (Nettalk) number and it worked!

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Anonymous said...

We decided to switch as well and leave Rogers at the beginning of this year. Pat heard about Techsavy from his friend and we have been using them and saving money on phone plus the internet. The only thing was we had to purchase modem but the monthly cost was going to be 65$ for both services. They even let us keep our number, plus we have caller display that I love! Their price even went down by 8$ monthly so we are saving even more money.