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Monday, October 7, 2013

These people help me do it!

Here is a list of people that have helped me:

Susan Dino 
She is a financial planner for single goddess everywhere.  ok you do not have to be single, she is just a very knowledgable and helpful lady!
613-721-4659 (c)

Jamie Meldrum
He also helped me get organized and get all my ducks in a row.  Some of you already know how I feel about him. Life insurance can be so interesting;) or jamiemeldrum@carletonfinancial

Carol Bartels
No messing around mediator.  Couldn't have done it in 5 months if it weren't for her (and also the above mentioned people)

Victor Ages Vallance LLP
Genevieve Lalonde (my lawyer)
112 Lisgar St
Literally right behind the courthouse.
613-238-1333 ext 232
I used this website to do my will.  If your "stuff" isn't too complicated it is really easy to use.

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