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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Party Pumpkin

So at our house we can not decorate for Halloween until after D's birthday, which is this coming Saturday.  So we did go to Miller's Pumpkin Patch this weekend ( bountiful crop of pumpkins this year!) so I decided to do this with my pumpkin:

It's a party pumpkin!

Exacto knives, lighters and hot melted wax, some of the things I let my kids play with!!  Well not exactly but all of them were needed for this Pinterst idea.

Exacto to take of crayon wrappers.

Lighter to melt the crayons and let them drip over the pumpkin.  Daph had a hard time holding the lighter in the ON position so we switched to the blow dryer.  It worked but then sprayed melted wax all over the kitchen floor and the fridge.  That was fun to clean up;( So maybe the next time I would do it outside.


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