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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Redo Robyn's Room

So as mentioned before redoing my bedroom is on my list of things to do for my house.  As you can see I have started to pull off the wainscotting panels.  I hope to reuse most of them in the laundry room/mudroom just to make it look nicer.  

The colours I was leaning towards were gray and yellow (a la National Geographics) or coral and gray but now I saw cream with a dark teal and really like it...
I will, no matter what use the chair rail to divide the two chosen colours but I plan to move it up; so it is just placed above the light switch height, 4ft approx?
The ceilings are high so although the bottom colour (gray or dark teal) will be mostly what you see when you initially walk in, the other colours (yellow/coral/cream) will be carried up quite high.

Can anyone say painting party?

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