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Friday, October 5, 2012

My Summer Part Deux

I know you were dying for part 2 of my summer vacay:)

 Thanx to everyone who continues to read my blog.  Some have said they do not! This could be why I have not blogged lately and also September is a busy month in general for moi!   I will no longer be sending out my blogs but still continue to check back to see what is new.  Become a follower or bookmark me under favourites.  Thanx:P

So this was the second car adventure we had on our trip to the cottage.  The 1st was a speeding ticket in Quebec!!!  Despite these two events we had a great time and going to the cottage is one of my favourite things to do.
Breton, Daphne and I did yoga on the Hill.  It was very cool to see the front lawn of Parliment Hill filled with people doing yoga.  It was also pretty hot.  And my hockey, soccer, all sport playing son must have grunted and groaned with every change of position.  B will have to work on that flexibility:)

Waiting for fireworks @ the fireworks competition at Lac Leamy.  Not as good as I remember from the first time I saw them.  Did not help that we were packed in like sardines and we had a baby with a stinky bum behind us!   I do not know what was up with Gatineau this year.  We also went to see the balloon festival there...waited an hour for the balloons to launch...and they never did.  There were tonnes of people waiting and the balloons never went up.  Kinda disappointing:(

I know it was hot and dry this summer but our summer flew by and we had lots of fun.  Even despite the fact that Daph ended up with LICE!!!  That is its own blog in itself but I do not know if I want to revisit that experience...EVER!!!

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Anonymous said...

You see, that's why we have to go out more often.
I didn't know about your different adventures.
Keep some stories for next week!
The francophone :-)