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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cross Country Creatures

#1 Cheerleader: Grammy!

Their #1 FAN!

so fast (that's Daph comin' into the shot.


On your mark get set...

And they are off!

Home stretch.  A race to the end!
On Tuesday Breton and Daphne participated in a cross country race through school @ Baxter Conservation Area.  The top 10 students (girls & boys) qualified to go.  Daphne came in 7th and Breton didn't have to run because there wasn't even 10 students in Grade 5 who wanted to do it.  It is Breton's 3rd year running the race.  Jeff took the great pix!

Breton finished 13th and Daph was 21st out of approx 60 girls.  She was  5th for her school.  Breton was 3rd for Berrigan.

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