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Monday, September 10, 2012

My Weekend

So I wrote a "c" on my hand Fridaymorning, so that I would remember to do/get something.  Well throughout the day I saw the "c" and could not remember what it was I was suppose to remember!!  Well I did not remember until today!  Monday why I had wrote that "c" on my was to remind me to bring home my mini chalkboards from my class to paint them with my leftover chalkboard paint (I painted my front hall closets with the chalkboard paint {see last blog for Dad/Grandpa's birthday wishes written on said chalkboard}).  YIKES!

This weekend we babysat Molly

And we met up with Dad & Bev to watch cousin Noah play football in Brockville.  Noah plays for the Redskins and he is on the offense?  the nose???  I do not know anything about football so I am just learning.  His team is 3 - 0.

Go #70!!! Go REDSKINS!!!
Happy Birthday Uncle Johnny!!!
Hey you, yes you!  Ya you with the boobs and yes you too, standing besdie the lady with the boobs!  Have you donated to Sue's Crew?  Click here to help cure breast cancer!  Thanx


smellykelly said...

just so you know mom he plays defense. and its nose guard not nose

Aimee Smith said...

Hey I was going to say that....
Aimee But thanks for the pictures and for coming!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I was going to ask what that "C" meant when I saw you Friday!!! Shoulda - maybe it woulda triggered a memory!