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Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Robyn meets the guys from Big Sugar...almost?!

So this past Sunday Jeff and I went to see George Thorogood and the Destroyers at the CE centre.  It was very fun and Jeff and I were in the lower age group category:)  The one negative was that we had seats across the aisle from each other HUH? So they had bar tables set up at the back so we watched it from there.  I realized I may have been of the younger age group but I sure needed my glasses!  I could not see the faces of the singers at all just faceless bodies singing.  George was great.  He played Jeff's theme song (one of Jeff's ) Bad To The Bone.

A nice surprise occured...we did not know there was an opening act but there was.  It was Sit Down, Servant!  They were 2 guys with big beards one had really long hair and the other had kinda long hair.  The really long haired guy had a red bandana around his head.  Made me wanna try pursuing being a roadie again!! Yes it is a dream job of mine. Bandana totin' dressed in demin from head to toe... Well the best part was the guy with the banadana was Gordie Johnson from Big Sugar, one of Jeff and I's fav bands!  They had broken up awhile back:(  I think they are back together now?? The best was when they played Swing Low Sweet Chariot!   Anyways you could buy their CD and they would sign it.  Jeff would have bought it for me but I did not have a camera so if I was going to buy the CD and meet the guys I wanted it on film (so to speak) so I could share it with everyone. So no CD, no photo and really I did not know what I would have said to them: go all Beiber on them or play it cool and not say much.  What I would have liked is a photo with me fondling their beards.  Yes I like beards but that is another blog for another time.  Jeff looks awesome with a beard!!!

Check out Sit Down Servant here: (Not Me in photo:( maybe next time!

George Thorogood here:

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Anonymous said...

I dont know the names of the people. I did my research on you tube and now I know who they are. And remembered the songs. Love the music, songs and their voices. Hope you got a great show and good time with Jeff!