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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Garage Sale Find!

So I have had my eye on this very large glass canister for quite awhile.  They sell it at Loblaws and Walmart for $20.  I was waiting for it to go on sale.  I only wanted it for the kids' markers so I did not want to pay full pop.  A few Saturdays age Jeff was working, so the kids and I decided to hit a bunch of garage sales...just to see.  Well at our first street sale a found the canister!  I was very excited and the lady was only charging $10.  Actually she said $10 or whatever I offer.  Stupidly I paid the $10.  I should have made an offer starting at $5, because I got it home, washed it and there was a huge chip on the inside lip of the lid!  I am such a novice garage saler!!!  I let my excitment over the find override me making an even better deal!  Afterwards I felt scammed!  But I did get it for cheaper than the store and I have waited a long time for it so I am happy:)

But next time for sure I am offering a lower price than whatever the original price is!

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