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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our March Break

MONDAY:  Tubing at Mount Pakenham
So over dressed for that day!

Hiking up to go down again!

Tubing in action!

TUESDAY: Andrew & Thomas, Breton, Daphne & I checked out The Lorax.  6/10 rating from me.  This would be a great movie for Earth Day: down with plastic, yeah for more trees...gotta see the movie to get it.  During the movie all I kept thinking was that you could make a cake with the trees from The Lorax and the tops could be cotton candy.  The colours were gorgeous on the trees and that would make one yummy cake topper for me!

Also went out for dinner at The Works.  waitress gave us coupons for 4 free milk shakes

WEDNESDAY: Swimming at Goulbourn Rec Centre with all our cousins: Andrew, Molly, Layla, Noah & Isaac

REGRET:  That I did not go swing into the pool on the Tarzan rope!!  No adults were doing it and a Jack Black look -a-like lifeguard was grabbing the kids to pull them back and then pushing them out over the pool.  Not so sure I wanted the grabbing & pushing???

THURSDAY: Costco and chillin with Daphne (Breton had a sleepover)

FRIDAY: Went to visit Grandmaman in her new retirement home just outside of Renfrew.  Also went out to lunch with Grammy at Santa Fe.  Then I went out to dinner with my best gal pals @ Sukhothai.  So yummy!!!

This is 1 of the goldfish in the very large tank they have @ Grandmaman's place.
The cat Patches at Grandmaman's (missing Coco the dawg)

Germaine Breton and her Great Grandkids!

SATURDAY: Jeff sold his car!!!!!
SUNDAY:  Went for those milkshakes at The Works Mine was peanut butter, caramel sauce & chocolate soooo good!


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Michelle said...

What a great week - happy to be a little part of it. :) Also, may I add, Grandmamman is SOOOOOO cute!