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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Before Christmas I purchased some air purifiers.  I bought them in the hopes to help cut back on all the dust and pet dander.  I have to say they really have helped!  I even believe that the germ factor has been reduced too.  A few illnesses have gone through our house and they have been limited to only one or two of us, as before we would all share...
I purchased mine as a set from the Home Shopping Channel.  I got one large unit, a medium unit and a mini car sanitizer (would use it on a long trip but not on day to day car rides.  It uses your car battery so if you forget to unplug it it could drain your battery).

Another gadget I have recently purchased is the Shark floor steamer, for cleaning.  Noelle got me turned onto this one.  It uses no chemicals but cleans and sanitizes.  You can only get Shark products at Canadian Tire.  I even used this one on the wall, to get some paint splashed by an over enthusiastic artist that lives in my house:)

Just wanted to share a gadgets that have been making my life a little easier.

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Anonymous said...

In sale this week at Canadian Tire for 64.99$
I'm ready to get mine after your comments. Thank you! Manon