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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Deedo's Sweater

This is my Deedo's (we spelled it that way but I think the proper way is Dido Ukrainian for Grandfather)sweater.
My Deedo was my Mom's Dad.
What I remember about him is doing puzzles with him, playing cards, him babysitting us on his own when my parents traveled, him sitting in the dark when he visited listening to the Leaf's hockey game on the radio, him smoking(he smoked since he was 12 yrs old), he got me tickets to a Maple Leaf's game, my first NHL game at Maple Leaf Gardens...
This sweater he wore when he was in a home after having a stroke.  It even had a name tag in it: W. Hearst I plan to frame it.

William Hearst.  I can't remember what his middle name was but Breton's middle name is William ;)
My name is Robyn K Smith.  My Deedo loved horse racing.  There was a jockey named Robyn K Smith.  She was Fred Astaire's wife. I have been told this is where my name came from.  My "K" stands for Kelly. Hers was for Katherine.

My Deedo's birthday is this month I think January 28th.
I have great memories of him and I love wearing his sweater. It is missing buttons, has holes in the pockets and armpits but when I wear it, it is like a warm
Hug...from him:)

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