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Sunday, January 4, 2015

No scoring and everyone gets a medal!

So we have all heard it these days that soccer teams aren't keeping score and at different sporting activities everyone gets a medal or ribbon. 

Well Breton was named Captain of his hockey team this year but he wasn't given the "C" for his jersey...

I would like him to have it (1) because I am a proud Mama  (2) there is a sense of pride in wearing that C.  He was given it because he displays the skills and he demonstrates the self control, along with his quiet leadership.

It is true I have noticed other rec teams that have no obvious Captain or Assistants but I think there should be.  Introduce it at the beginning of the season, make it clear that it CAN be taken away due to showboating or lack of leadership (aka being a hot head or bully).

In Breton's situation, he is a quiet guy but having the opportunity to wear the C would give him outwardly pride and confidence.

To be honest, his father and I have stayed away from the politics of the hockey world so far.  We let our son's skills and abilities show his value to the team.

FYI hat trick at the last game!!!

This was posted by the Yummy Mummy Club and it sums up to me how I have raised my children to behave when playing sports.

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