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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The incident Breton & Daphne and I will never speak of again!

So I blogged last weekend about our adventure to Parc Omega,

 but there was an incident when we arrived…

Let’s just say we went home with one less water bottle.  It is in the garbage at Parc Omega.

Everyday I have a tea.  That day I had two teas prior to leaving.

Can you guess where this is going?  Those of you who know me well probably already knowJ

Word of warning about the new HWY 50, the closer you get to the Parc Omega exit there are less places to pick up snax, stretch your legs or to pee.

I had to pee.

I had to pee badly!!!

I thought I could hold it until we got the Parc.

We turned the corner to go into the Parc and there was a LINE UP!!! Curse Groupon and there deals and the mild weather!

I was dying!!

I have had many experiences where I have had to pee badly while travelling but I have always made it to a washroom or at least a building I could go behind…ok and there once was a run into the cornfield.   Anyways this time I saw nowhere to go!

So I peed in the water bottle!!!!! 

My children and I have agreed not to talk about it ever again.  Well that is what I remind them of each time they bring it up.  I honestly thought I had scarred them for life, as I looked back at Daphne in the backseat as her eyes are covered because she can’t believe I am doing what I did.

But I am happy to say B & D are fine and I believe that our great time at the Parc outweighed my full bladder issues.

That is the power of the Parc!!!

I heart Parc Omega!

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