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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recycling:free and fun

Last Saturday I went to an auction. But not just any auction.  We had to bring items in good working order and in decent shape, the host gave us money to bid on the items and if you were the only one interested in the item, you got it for free!

I brought a collection of mugs and a bottle of alcohol.  My friend and I were given $3700 to bid with.  The money was fake but the bidding was seriously fun;) Actually, a lot of items were given away without "paying" anything.  I held out for awhile taking in how it all worked.  There was original pieces of art work, there was a chainsaw and hedge trimmer, bottles of wine, shelves, a couple of bikes, a workout bench, party, office & craft supplies, frying pans, preserves and even 6 secret boxes that you could bid on.  They either had a gag gift in them, extra "money" or special cards awarded to get: 'double your bid' or 'highest bidder'.

I walked away with a luggage set(free), a waffle maker(free) and a rain barrel (I paid $1700).  Oh and my friend and I got a bottle of maple syrup...that we are going to use when I make waffles with my waffle maker.

Anything that wasn't bid on went to the side, free to anyone who wanted to look through and who may have changed their mind about an item (like the Richard Simmons exercise DVD).  At the end of the day whatever was't taken was donated to Valu Village.  Some items were even saved for Toy Mountain to be given this Christmas.

It was a great event to get rid of your unwanted stuff, find something you have been looking for and I met some great new people.

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