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Friday, July 18, 2014

Try it you will like it

So I did try it...

Smith Falls Classic 35th Annual Duathlon and Triathlon 

I did the Try A Tri.  200m swim, 21K bike and 2k run.

As I jumped into the churning swirling ... gross water behind the Econolodge (reportedly owned by a biker gang in the past), fighting the current to stay behind the start line, I thought what am I doing?!
And s**t I am the only one without goggles! But I rocked the swim cap!

Then we started!
Swimming over people, getting kicked, swallowing gallons of H2O... Turning around at 100m and swimming backstroke against the current, trying not to puke, to get back to the other side of the river...

Made it! 10 minutes and change 

Onto the bike!
195# pops off
Gotta repin:(
Off I go, passing some and getting passed=motivation!
Sights seen: dead turtle, dead squirrel and crispy frog:)

49 minutes and change!

2k run and everything is tight below the waist but I shuffled through it.
16 minutes and a bit.

Came in first in my age group!!

I was the only one in my age group!!

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