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Friday, July 25, 2014

RIP Poppy

Remember this post:


So I have an umbilical hernia.  It normally does not bother me.  Usually only after I have done some heavy lifting.  I will not touch it directly.  It can be tender when in the shower and I am washing my body.

I was going to have you all name it but then I named her myself...her name is Poppy!  She is that little marble like nodule above my belly button.  I had it looked at by my Dr and she said until it really causes discomfort not to worry.

Say hi to POPPY!!!

Well Poppy did start to give me discomfort:(

The most recent episode left me feeling nauseous feverish and then real sore and discomfort where Poppy was located.

When I realized it was Poppy, I pushed her back in and I immediately felt better.  Yes ewww! I never touched her. I put my shirt over her and then used my palm to gently push her back into place ugh !

So I went back to my Dr and we made an appt to see a specialist.

Dr Monaghan was the specialist and he recommended surgery.  Placing a mesh over the hole therefore putting Poppy back in place for good.

Why did this happen? Dr Monaghan said that when babies are born usually the umbilical area heals up inside where your belly button is, well some don't and you get a hole.  

This past Monday I had my patch job done.
I got dropped off at the Queensway Carelton for day surgery.

I took 4 Tylenol 3 in all and have since been on Motrin.  Mostly at night or not at all.  I have taken half the bandaid off but am to chicken to pull it all off.

Minor surgery grateful for the nurses so nice and the Drs too.

So thankful to you Susan for driving me and picking me up and babysitting me while high at the drugstore and understanding my tears.

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