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Friday, March 17, 2017


Well her teeth got pulled.

Four to be exact, that is five in total.  There was a baby tooth that was loose so they pulled that one too yesterday.

Daphne was a trooper.  She dreaded the needle that would be given for freezing--it ended up being 5 needles to get her mouth frozen!  I thought it would have been the freezing paste but I guess for this amount of teeth they had to go with needle freezing?!

As previously mentioned, here Daph did not want to be "put to sleep" for her surgery so while she was lying there she opened her eyes just as they pulled one of the teeth out! That is why I prefer to be "put under".  I think I would have passed out if I witnessed that!

She managed to eat some yogurt and ice cream last night and had very little pain.

Braces by the summer is the prediction.

And then hopefully Daphne will smile big & bright.

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Mirka said...

She is a trooper! I can't even imagine how much pain and discomfort she went through.
Hang in there, Daph! It'll just get better from here!