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Monday, March 13, 2017


So Daphne had a dentist appointment two weeks ago, to have 4 teeth removed. She was unfortunately blessed with both her parents overcrowded mouth. Both of us had braces and I had 4 teeth removed, at four different times, (16 teeth pulled) when I was younger than her.  

Notice she doesn't smile showing teeth...

For Daphne's extractions, Dr. Rorke, our orthodontist, gave us the option of going to an oral surgeon or going to our regular dentist.  Daphne insisted on going to our regular dentist because as she put it, she did not want "to be put to sleep".  Upon a consultation about which teeth were to be pulled, our dentist mentioned giving Daph something to relax (nitrous oxide), guess what she said?  


So, at this past dentist appointment, only one tooth was ready to be pulled.  She came out of the appointment not too impressed...not because it was her first tooth extraction and she was uncomfortable because she had only had freezing (which by the way is now a paste they spread on your gums rather than a needle!!) but because they did not pull all four! 

 I think the next day she was grateful she did not have all four of them pulled.  She did not go to school, she couldn't eat solids for a few days.
This coming week we go back to see if the other three are ready to be pulled...
That will be another adventure.

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