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Saturday, March 14, 2015

At it again:)

So I plan to run my fourth half marathon this spring at Race Weekend.  I would really like to shave a wee bit of time off, so I googled...
I found a few plans:

Runner's World had some plans but you had to pay $25 for them! Whatever! But they did have some advice too:

Speed intervals: 4/2 split run fast for 4 minutes then recover for 2. This is how I started running.  The speed I ran at when I first started is now my "recovery" speed:)
Xt: cross training no running that day but use another machine.  My choice is going to be the rowing machine!
Another suggestion is HILLS!
Oh I love running hills!!!! Sarcasm 
During my races I usually walk any hills to conserve energy?!?!

The thing is I am one of the few out there that likes to run on the treadmill. So this training will mostly take place on a treadmill.  Once the snow melts I will do my Greenbank/Hunt Club/Woodroffe/Strandherd/back path route (19k)but I am going to attempt to use the treadmill for the majority.
My plan is to combine the two plans and tweak em for my pleasure or torture depending on the day.
I even know of a few hills I can tackle. I will call it The Bowl and will blog when I attempt it.

What I struggle with is what to eat and when to eat it?  Any suggestions? And no I won't eat bananas:p

So today I tried interval running but I did it by the kilometre.  1k at 8KPH and then the next was at 10KPH for 5k.  By the 3k I walked a bit at the beginning but got back up to 8KPH. At the 4k mark I did up to 4.70 at 10KPH but I like to run on an empty stomach and didn't want to pass out so I slowed down. Finished the 5K

This (the above)might not matter to you but I am recording it because then it makes me accountable.

Weird moment at the gym:
These were on the boot rack when I got to the gym:

No comment but please if you have any do share:)

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