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Sunday, June 1, 2014


So when you show up for your third half marathon and someone is wearing the same running skort as you, what do you do?

Run faster than her!!!

Ok so I didn't beat my time from last year but I had so much FUN!!
I love the route, I love the crowds cheering me on, i love that my body did not cramp up on me.  I really didn't even mind that at the first few H2O stations they'd run out of cups and we either had to cup our hands and hope that it would be enough water or we all just drank out of the same large blue water bottles. Yummy!  

I love race weekend!!

While racing even caught up to a student's mom and now we share a racing memory together.

I have to thank Mirka my original racing buddy who drove me to the race, stayed to cheer me on with her baby Natalia and then waited for me to give me a ride home. Thanx Mirka!

And for my surprise fan who jumped out of the crowd and even ran with me a bit! Love surprises! Thank you Kathy!

I didn't even cry this time when I crossed the finish line !

I felt pretty damn powerful though! 

Ya I ph*ckin run 1/2 marathons!!!

My body hurt a lot afterwards, for days even and I know my left hip joint has some issues(drama queen), and every time I say this will be my last 1/2...I am pretty sure I agreed to run this race next year!!

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