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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sorry I can't hear you my ears are blocked cuz I've been...


Just checked something off my bucketlist.

Last Saturday I cashed in my preseason skydiving voucher from Go Skydive in Gatineau.

Again I have to thank Natasha and Ranz and company for coming out and hanging with my kids.  Also T for keeping B company too.

I was nervous at home prior to going but not getting in the skydive onsie, nor when Stefan was going over my instructions or during the ascent up in the airplane.

When we jumped out...@12500ft

Eyes closed I thought what am I doing!!!  Free falling, arms stretched out like a bird, could barely breath cuz we were falling so fast..."Open your eyes! You have to experience this and remember this!" I thought.

So I did.

At 5000ft, Stefan opened the chute.  We did a 360, he let me turn to the left and then the right. Didn't care for that.  It was a roller coaster feeling, stomach dropped.  

But then we just floated down.  It was sooo peaceful.  I could have fallen asleep.

It was all over, from plane to ground, in about 3 minutes?

Would I do it again?
Because as I was free falling and gliding my ears popped immensely, almost occupied all my focus.  When I landed I couldn't hear anything.  It has been a week, some doses of cold medicine, and a trip to the Dr's to unblock 'em.
I had a cold the week prior so I think that was the prob.
Still slightly blocked but will live:)

Next on the bucketlist...?????

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