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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snowflakes & KARMA

I am in big trouble!!  With my friend Natasha's hubby Ranz now living here with his amazing talents...

He did Breton's name on his wall and now I have his artwork on me!

We were at a party and I left with two new tattoos!

The snowflake is for the winter Olympics.  I just love the Olympics!

No really... the snowflake represents all the snow we have had this year. 


Come on, if you know me I wouldn't waste a tattoo.  Mine all have significance.

Snowflake = one of a kind


This tattoo is my actual handwriting but it wasn't done with a transfer. I wrote the word out several times, stretching it out so it wouldn't clump together once on my arm,  Ranz looked at my sample and recreated it free hand.  He is so precise.


What you do comes back to you.  I truly believe this.  Good deeds, kindness and genuine happy beliefs come back to you. 

Also vice versa.  Negativity will infect you and you will never be content.

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