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Monday, September 16, 2013

Homemade Art (with help from Pinterest)

I found a Pin on Pinterest and went with it: Loved the message

First I destroyed a wood pallet to get the "canvas".  After sanding the pieces of wood I tried to assemble the canvas but it was pretty I took it to my bro in law Jay and he built my canvas.  He even roughed it up for me on the edges so it wasn't too perfect (because come on who is).  And he also added loops at the back so I could hang it when it was done.

The lettering was made on my sister Noelle's  Cricket machine.  Very handy.

I then taped down the letters.

Daphne then helped me sponge on the paint.  We used dollar store acrylic paint in white and turquoise.  Sponging let us control exactly where the paint went and we could make it thick...or not if we chose.  Certain words/letters are white and the others are turquoise which will have an effect for the final piece...

We let it dry...


Putting it up on the wall was another story though...

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!!
Tea soon :)