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Monday, September 2, 2013

Gratitude at the end of the day

So Monday is my day of gratitude but I decided to wait until the end of the day to list all the things I was grateful for on this day:

  1. B & D, goes without saying
  2. Our walk with Brodie this morning
  3. The not too hot weather, also loved the couple of thunder storms this afternoon
  4. Loved the free Groupon coupon to Midway from Mirka.  It was a great fun activity to do on the last day of summer vacay with the kids
  5. Thanx to the man who gave his stack of tickets at Midway to the kids
  6. Clean carpets
  7. Having time to make muffins with Daphne
  8. Sleeping in
  9. Chatting with my single mama friend
  10. My sisters, time spent talking and being with them is inexplicable
  11. Back to school, just for the routine of it all
  12. Dinner together
  13. Homemade salsa

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