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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My 1/2 Marathon


My time for my first 1/2 marathon

My friend Mirka, who believed and pushed me to the end (not literally)

Personally I think you can do it, Rob! You are a fighter.
This was what Mirka messaged me and something just clicked.  I tried a route near my place and did it in less than 3hrs and I was set!
I was never nervous about it, more excited on the day it came.  I did drink a 5 hr Energy Drink that kept me buzzed.  they also gave us gel packs that also had me going (caffeine and who knows what else)  but most of all it was the crowds.  They cheered you on and because you have your name on your bib they would cheer you on by name.  High fiving all the kids as I ran by helped too.  B & D were there at 5k cheering me on also.
For me it was so much more than just a race! 
This was on my hand as I ran.  Whenever I run this thought keeps me motivated.  There are others who just can not run.  I am healthy, fortunate and able.  I also like to see how much I can push my body.  I am definitely sore and my feet are battered but it is such a rush.  I am probably still on a high from this race:)

What time do you start and approximate finish.
Good luck Brave Girl
Mireille Perras: Good luck today.
  • Sheila-ann Bailey You rock - rockin robyn!
  • Janine Marcotte Whooooo!!!! You did it girl,,,your wild,,,,xx


    Anonymous said...

    What a great achievement, Robyn! You should be proud.

    Natasha Henri said...

    Congrats Robyn! You're absolutely amazing. All that you have accomplished... The person you are... You are a motivation to me and everyone that is fortunate to know you. Awesome race!

    Anonymous said...

    It was all you, girl! You sucked it up and did so well. I'm proud of you, Robyn! After this, you can do anything. It's in you. Keep it up! XOXO Mirka