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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Birthday EVER!!

So my birthday was celebrated on April 13th.  I did not know it...

I spent the day with my two best buds going for lunch and getting a pedicure: Robyn's Egg Blue of course:)

 Then I went to B's semi final game.  Afterwards I was going to go to Noelle's house for a surprise party for her...

The planning that went into my surprise was tricky.  I had already made plans with Audrey and Michelle to go out that night...Michelle came up with a reason we couldn't go.  B got into the semi finals so the timing of the party had to be delayed.  While at tea with JenR, Aimee was breaking into my place to get pictures for a scrapbook they put together for me... I was kinda miffed at bro in law that he was still going to have Noelle's surprise party even though I wouldn't be there (yes that was very diva like of me:)  I thought all along I was texting with Jay about the party but I was really texting with Noelle on Jay's phone. My nephew the sleuth even helped figured out my favourite restaurant the Red Stick aka the Baton Rouge.  This is where we went for dinner that night.   I saw photo's at work of me set aside on Janine's desk at the school taken way back and still did not think much about it... even as I walked in I thought I recognized a co-workers car (Mirka:) and still did not have time to put it together...  Noelle had purchased several dresses that I had to model with assistance from Miss Molly and then they all helped me choose one: to wear to the Rihanna concert that was on my birthday!  Everyone pitched in and got me the tickets, the dress, a gift certificate to Boston Pizza to go to before the concert with Breton and Daphne and funds to put towards new runners (for when I run the 1/2).

I am so truly lucky to have all these wonderful people in my life...I really do not know where I would be without them.  Some important people were supposed to be there but couldn't make it so I love you too!!!











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