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Monday, July 10, 2017


So there is this whole series of -ALIOUS books by Victoria Kann. The first one is  Pinkalious 

Then there is Purplalious, Goldalious, Aqualious etc...

Well, one of the lines in Pinkalious is "you get what you get and you don't get upset"

I use this line all the time when I am teaching, usually when I am handing out a variety of items and I don't need to hear  "I want pink" or "I want blue" or "I want the green dinosaur with the red polka dots", you get the picture.

Well on Sunday night, I went to Bluesfest with this Lady:

And we saw P!nk!

It was a high energy show that did not disappoint.  It did not matter that I could only see her mainly on the big screens, or that there were pushy people weaving their way within the packed crowd or that we had kooky screamers behind us...

Or that it POURED rain for probably 15 minutes in the middle of the show!

I have listened to her music so long I was able to sing a long to every song, she played my strength song: TRY, she continued singing in the rain...Mirka and I didn't bring any rain gear but ended up under other peoples' umbrellas (but still got kinda soaked, water ran off other umbrellas drenching us, but it did not matter! ). The rain did not last and right before it started there was a huge blast of lightening behind the stage, that it looked like P!nk had planned it as part of the show.

We sang, we danced and had fun

We got what we got and we did not get upset:)

***Anyone going to Bluesfest in the future, I highly recommend parking at Tunney's Pasture and walking. It is a wee bit of a walk...but you need to walk!

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