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Monday, July 10, 2017

What a whirlwind, but so much fun!

So for our one day trip to TO I had no actual tickets!  This is somewhat new to me (perhaps showing my age:) all tickets for the train, the CN Tower and the aquarium were on my phone.  Was a little worried that at the end of the day the battery was getting low and I did not bring a charger (could have charged it on the train) so photos were taken less to conserve battery life. We had such a great day and we even had time for cruise around the Toronto Harbour to see the Toronto Islands. Here are some photos from our whirlwind visit to Toronto:

On the train for 5:55AM. Biked over from our house and guess who forgot her tea in her bottle holder on her bike?

Going through security at CN Tower after arriving at 10AM in Toronto.  We could not have timed it better! Later, when we left, the line up was HUGE to get in.  People would have been waiting at least 2hrs to get to the elevator to go up.

Views from the Lookout Level

Looking out from the Skypod Level (447m above Toronto)

The glass floor and our next destination

Ripley's Aquarium (Sharks done in tiles on the roof, come on that's fun).

But first a lunch break @Boston Pizza

Highly recommend Ripley's Aquarium.  If you do go, pre-book your visit.  Like the CN Tower there was a line up out the door. With a predetermine time the line up was minimal and moved quickly.  Our favourite parts of the aquarium were the octopus, the jelly fish section, the shrimp (Daphne's favourite: you can touch them, they crawl on your hand), the moving sidewalk which has sharks, a sea turtle and  a fantastic collection of fish swimming all around and above you.

This was the view from our boat during the harbour cruise. Yes that is that giant rubber duck in the harbour again.  It was part of our Canada 150 celebration. More info about Da Duck here.

We arrived back to Barrhaven a little after 11PM.  The train was a little late but we grabbed our bikes and got home, tired but a giant pocket full of memories, including the grumpy lady on the train.

Oh and my tea was cold:(

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Aimee Smith said...

Crazy! But looks fun!!