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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cake 101?

So over the past 2 weeks we have had 2 birthday parties.  One for Dapher and one for Jeff.  So I had to make two cakes...

This is Daphne's cake:(  When I tried to take it out they both broke!  Thank goodness I had just watched an episode of 19 KIDS and Counting, where they had a cake disaster and in order to fix it they froze the cake.  I froze the unfrosted cake over night, woke up the next morning and did a crumb frosting, froze it again.  When I got home from work I did the last layer of icing...

And VOILA a #8 cake for Daphne!
This was Jeff's cake.  It is 2 layers of brownies (I made 4 pans in total, the first one broke coming out of the pan and another was from a double batch and I did not divide the batter evenly so one was really thin and brick like:()  Each layer had a thin coating of chocolate icing and then in between there was a whipped cream/marshmallow layer...

Way too sweet!!! 
(No I did not use the Hershey syrup in the last photo on the brownies?!)
Thank you to all who so kindly ate the cake.
CONCLUSION:  I will buy the next cakes or stick to my ice cream sandwich cake from B's birthday last year.
It may not look pretty but at least it tasted delicious!!

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