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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hair Removal done 4 U

So over this past summer I tried a few different hair removal treatments.  I usually shave but this summer I tried the No No laser hair remover, Veet and Nair.

The No No was an OH NO!!  and I sent it back.  Along with a blue light laser it also has a fine wire that tends snap if you are not going smoothly along your skin.  Well I do not know about you but I am not flat and smooth all over?!  I ended up with small cuts in certain areas that were curved and the small head of the laser would have taken forever to complete and area and to see results.  I did smell hair burning but the practicing to get it just right and the time spent doing the same area over and over was just too much plus the slice and dice on my skin!  They tried to convince me to keep it  and told me I could practice on a table to get the pressure just right???!!  The laser only works for so long and then it must be replace and I am suppose to waste it on my table!  I got a refund and I was still fuzzy:(

The Veet shower hair removal was my favourite.  I had tried these depilatories before in high school and they smelt awful and did not work that great.  They have certainly improved them.  I did my upper thighs and bikini line.  I used the in shower version of Veet. It came with a small sponge to wipe the hair away in the shower and it did just wipe away!  I kept it on for the full 6 minutes.  I continue to use it.

I also tried the Nair version of the in shower.  It said to keep it on for 10 minutes and I did.  I got a slight irritation but it could have been that I scrubbed instead of wiping off the hair.  But there was just something about it that I did not like and will not use it again.

Next I plan to try the Epilady (small version).  It has spinning coils that rip your hair out!1 Remember it from the late 80s early 90s?

I will let you know how that goes:)

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