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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Outfit

Since the web address to my blog is DUHparenting101 I thought I should actually share a parenting moment of mine.

Rewind to last June, Daphne was graduating elementary school and Breton was graduating from Grade 8.  In the mail I received an invitation to Breton's grad because he was going to be winning an award.  If you did not get an invite, parents were not needed to go since Longfields Davidson Heights High School goes from grade 7-12, it was just a small ceremony for the students.  We did not tell Breton we got the invite, we wanted to surprise him.   For the Grade 8 graduates, there was the award ceremony and then a dance afterward.  Breton mentioned he would like a nice outfit to go to the grad yet he waited until the night before to agree to go shopping.  Breton is very particular about what he wears.  To this day he does not like to wear buttons on his clothing or jeans.  So off we went to find an outfit, without leaving Barrhaven.  I was exhausted and patience was running low.  He had an idea in his head so what I suggested was not meshing with what he was looking for.  We went to several stores and ended up at Mark's Work Warehouse.  Keep in mind I am on a budget, so Breton did not have free choice of anything and everything.  I managed to find him a nice dress shirt and then he chose some nice Denver Hayes type pants in an olive green.  I was happy because it was a huge depart from what he normally wears. I think he was a wee bit frustrated that he couldn't find exactly what he had envisioned but in the end it was his decision, the outfit I purchased.

Here it is.

Remember we surprised Breton at the graduation awards ceremony...he thought he was not getting anything yet he wanted a nice outfit for his graduation.
We are seated at the back of the auditorium and doesn't Breton's name get called for Top Male Athlete of his class.
He strolls up to get his award,,,

And he is wearing sweat pants and a hoodie!!!


I guess it goes with the award...a very athletic look but not the outfit we scrambled to get at the last minute the night before!!!!  And also remember he doesn't wear this type of outfit normally and did not have any other "events" to wear the outfit to

Well later that night after celebrating both the kids' graduations I told Breton he had to pay me back for the outfit = $100
I could not return it because he had taken all the tags off and one of the items was final sale.

He had received some money for graduating and as mean as it sounds, that's how awful I felt when he had to turn around and give me that money in payment for the outfit.  He paid all of it back and the outfit still has yet to be worn.

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