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Friday, February 3, 2017

No Valentine's Day for us!

Paul and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day.  Being with Paul, I am spoiled, I am very lucky.  He is thoughtful, romantic, so funny, super smart and completely committed to MOI!

Because of scheduling and each of us having a pre-teen and a teenager with lives of their own and exes' schedules, we have date nights every Monday night.  It isn't that we do not see each other the rest of the week but no matter what we have that night.  So to say we do not celebrate Valentine's Day it is because each Monday is our time together but others may take Valentine's Day for this purpose, I hope.

Due to Valentine's Day, though we have had some opportunities to go do some unique adventures.  The weekend prior to Valentine's Day we are having a special romantic dinner at Ikea.  They have a three course meal, they fancy up the place with tablecloths and you must buy tickets for it.  We are going with two other couples.  Paul and I have had a date night at Ikea before and it was one of my favourites. Ikea N Chill (hahaha) almost exactly like Costco N Chill (another date night we've had). So much chillin' (hahahahahaha)

Click here Ikea Valentine's Day 

We are also doing partner yoga at Mountain Goat Yoga!  Paul and I have done a "date day" here before.  we participated in a warm yoga class and it was so fun. 

Saturday February 11th, Partner Yoga with Tanya from 2:30-4:30 pm. $40 per couple. Enjoy a Valentine treat & tea afterward!!

This is a great opportunity to do something a little special with a loved one or best friend.
Let’s have some fun! Grab a partner & get on your mat! Partner Yoga invites openness, laughter, communication & FUN into your yoga practice.
We’ll start with great music, simple postures connecting breath & building trust moving on to counter balances, a little Thai Massage & more. A great way to spend
time with a family member, best friend or a pre-Valentine date with your partner/spouse.
No experience necessary only a willingness to smile and have fun.
Enjoy a Valentine treat & tea afterward!!
MGY click for more info. about the centre.

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