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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


When my Dad and Bev come to visit they always come with a collection of hundreds of vitamins they take (ok that is an exaggeration but they take a lot of vitamins).  We'd laugh at them and question the necessity of all of them but lately I have been accumulating my own alphabet of vitamins.

This one just keeps everything in my tummy lovely.

When you volunteer to donate blood but are denied twice after they prick your finger before giving blood; your haemoglobin is too low=low red blood cells=low iron.  Also, upon checking your iron levels, your Dr says your levels are "in your boots" you start taking iron supplements.

I take two of these each day.  I take them to prevent UTIs, breast cancer and because I wear sunscreen my body does not absorb D from the sun sufficiently.

This one goes along with the iron and I take it to keep my energy levels up.  It is a higher dose because I hope to keep that energy high too.

For my brain and PMS.

I only take this occasionally when I can not sleep and even then I only take 1/2 a pill (originally I only took 1/4 of the pill, for me that was how powerful it was.  A whole pill left me feeling groggy the next day).  I have even used this one with my dogs when they are anxious during a thunderstorm.

This one helps me prevent colds and just in case I haven't eaten enough fruits and veggies that contain the mighty C vitamin.

This is the newest member to my alphabet.  It is helping me sleep better.  I can not function appropriately when I do not have adequate sleep.  

Did you know that magnesium is a natural laxative?  I did not know until I started taking 3 pills nightly for a continuous time.  My theory was, why not maximize the benefits by maximizing the dose.  I wanted the benefits of preventing/lessening PMS, anxiety and gaining a better sleep... hello toilet:(  I now take a proper dose and all is good.

Besides the laxative adventure I have had no other negative side effects.  These vitamins may be giving me some sort of placebo effect but I do feel they have benefited me too.  Or I just have really expensive pee.

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